Monday, May 9, 2011

Lounge Wear for Studying

My position of "You should always look good even if you are stressed out" was finally vindicated. Over the weekend I was studying for finals, the glories of being a college student, and I ran into my ex.  It was such a huge confidence booster knowing that I looked good and perhaps made him wish he hadn't broken up with me.
Well, I am still studying for finals, which involves a lot of sitting. So the outfit today was Leggings, Oversized Madewell Chambray Shirt, Sperry Topsliders, and a plethora of bracelets and rings.  Some days I remember to includes bracelets and rings other days I don't. But I am making an effort.

My favorite celeb Eric Bana

Desk knick knacks

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  1. One must be comfy to study...and the look is very cute! Can always play with the bracelets and baubles if the studying gets boring.