Monday, January 31, 2011

Outfit January 31!

It is the second day in a row that I published a "what I am wearing" post! yay! It will be amusing to see how long I can keep it probably. It will last as long as my outfits don't start repeating :D

The new Forever 21 t-shirt, J Crew riding pants (not leggings for once!), Fyre riding boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs blue fair isle leg warmers 

If you could only own six pairs of shoes

It is a very sad thought only being able to own six paris of shoes. But if you had to, you would need to invest in these basic essentials:

  1. Rain boots- they can do double duty as snowboots
  2. Riding/Flat/Everyday boots
  3. Comfy Flats- that can go with any outfit and be worn for miles on end
  4. Sperry Top Sliders/Toms/Converse- essentially a casual shoe that is sportier than a flat
  5. Sandals-  NOT FLIP FLOPS  no annoying sound and you can walk for miles in them
  6. Basic Black Heels- they go with everything but you must be able to stand and walk in them

Hunter Wellington Rain Boots & Fyre Riding boots
Tory Burch Sandals & Cole Hann Heels
Sperry Top Sliders & Gap City Flats

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Anna and Nicole getting a manicure and pedicure

Anna's outfit: Michael Kors Cardigan and hardcore Ugg Snow Boots 

 Mine: J Brand Cargo pants, French Connection kitty and mime t-shirt, and Eugenia Kim Jill Slouchy Cap

  pretty new colors on the tootsies and fingers!

Forever 21 The New Place on Newbury

So I finally went to the new Forever 21 store.  Insanely busy but when I walked in I loved the displays they had.  I started to take pictures of it but was forced to stop because of a bitchy clerk. It is a compliment that I am taking pictures of your displays. It means they are gorgeous and I want to buy stuff! Whatever. The store is good for cheap accessories and cheap t-shirts! I mean a $13 kitty t-shirt with pink sparkly glasses?!!?  The store's return policy SUCKS though so buy clothes large and don't plan on returning a thing

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Old Outfit #3

A cold weather posting! Eventually I plan on taking pictures of current outfits but I am trying to get my camera to cooperate. Till that time, more blasts from the past. This is from Thanksgiving 2009 in Minnesota.  Fyre Boots, American Apparel leggings, tights, Ann Taylor Loft dress, Leather Bomber from Anthropologie, Cashmere scarf, and rabbit earmuffs! Although their is no snow on the ground it is freezing!  I am hanging out by the fire pit with the rest of the Taffe Family

5 Things Every College Girl Needs In Her Bag – Nighttime Edition – College Fashion

5 Things Every College Girl Needs In Her Bag – Nighttime Edition – College Fashion

A good post but I would add a few things.

1. minimum of $15 CASH for a cab
2. not just any band aids but Blister band-aids
3. normal chapstick some guys abhor lipgloss
4. and last but not least PROTECTION ladies!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nail Polish

Chastity by Essie. Normally I wear a pink nail polish by Essie. I am a sucker for cool names and the pinks are so much fun! My problem with Essie is that polish chips easily, which doesn't help my nervous habit of continually chipping them.

Black Pearl by Chanel! Oh My! I want this color so badly. I nearly bought it over the weekend but $23 for nail polish made me pause.  I will probably buy it regardless since I've been obsessed with it for months! Picture is courtesy of another blog.

Midnight In Moscow, which is what I am currently wearing.  It doesn't chip as badly as the Essie brand.

Old Outfit #2

Phoenix, Arizona
It has started snowing in Boston...again. So I decided to celebrate by doing a post on a summer outfit! This is a simple outfit I wore to a very very fancy restaurant. It is at the top of one of the peaks overlooking Phoenix, you can kinda see the city in the background of the photo. Onto the look!  Simple blue J Crew dress, black cardigan from August Silk, and pink Navajo Tory Burch sandals. I bought the sandals at Last Chance in one of the Phoenix suburbs for $40, orginially marked $200?!?! I had so much fun shopping the deals in that city!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vogue Gallery

Vogue Gallery

Some Vogue Street Style from the Sundance Film Festival! Good inspiration for all of us in the cold weather states. It is supposed to snow again tomorrow in Boston! Yay for my new Parka, which just arrived this evening! Publish Post

A Wristlet for Every College Girl

This is my wristlet! It is the best purchase I have ever made.  It is 3.1 Phillip Lim this season's version is studded, Berry Carry All Studded! But I like my leopard print!

Old Outfit #1

The glories of old outfits.  This is the definition of a power outfit. Plus I bought it morning of. Yes, the blouse is Alexa Chung for Madewell. BU's Fashion and Retail Association had a shopping preview of the line so I was up on Newbury Street before 8am. IT WAS WORTH IT! Only the blouse is visable but I am wearing a J Crew pencil skirt with it plus my Cole Hahn black kitten heals. I had to dress up for a Model UN training session because I was on the Secretariat (planning committee). The comments that day made me blush. I also wore a replicate of this outfit for my interview at Eugenia Kim. Same blouse but with a Target pencil skirt. I had to, I hadn't brought my J Crew version home over break. It is not like you can do a fashion interview in jeans. Well you could, I did wear Christian Louboutin with the outfit.